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Capture Your Ideas

Ideas can be fleeting, so it's a good idea to carry a notebook or keep a digital idea note on your phone. As you see interesting things and get thoughts about your next steps and possibilities, take photos or capture them in a way that will jog your memory and ignite your creativity. Don't filter, just gather. Sometimes partial ideas come, jot those down as well. Ideas may not be complete or fit together, but in time as you sort them, you may get a clear idea of what looks worth following up on, what keeps coming back and begging for your attention, and ways to combine your ideas. In time your jottings might just give you enough inspiration to help you create something new and worthwhile.  


Ask Questions

How many times a day do you stop and ask questions? We can get used to our environments and cultures and accept how things are, and we can question whether we want to carry on in the same way and how we want to make changes. Why are things as they are? How does this work? Who could make an impact on this? When should I move on? What am I doing this for? These are just a few of the starting questions you can ask. 

The more we ask and understand, the more it fertilizes our creativity. We don't want to get stuck in loops of indecision from too much choice, but we can use our curiosity to inform us and make creative leaps by trying new things. 

Being curious, the questions keep coming as we look for understanding and solutions. Try going out of your way to be curious today, see how many things you can ask about, and see if it impacts what you create today.