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Take Time to Create Connection

Sometimes making new connections is a great way to stoke the creative juices as you play, eat, walk, talk, and create joy together. Recently I wrote a similar post about the joys of being a friend and creating with old friends. When I painted these wolves, "Be a Friend" came to mind again. Lately, since Covid and distancing, I'm remembering how much fun and joy comes from nurturing friendships and staying open to meeting new friends. 

Remember, every stranger is a potential new friend, so take time to talk to strangers. You never know how they may inspire and add to your life, or how you may do the same for them. 


Feed Yourself

Sometimes it's important to take down time and recharge. For me, that looks like changing my routine, maybe going on a short trip, heading to the beach, or attending a yoga retreat. Other times, it looks like clearing my schedule and not doing any "To Do's," and instead connecting with the moment in whatever way feels best. I'm off to do that now, and when I'm done, hope to get back to painting and finishing up some current projects.  

How do you refuel yourself? 



Be Juicy

Being creative is a little like biting into a fresh-picked ripe tomato. The more you sink your teeth in, the more good juiciness and seeds pop out. 

Creative juice comes from creating. The more you create, the more idea seeds you get and the more zest to create some more. Creativity can be inspired by what we see around us and from learning what others are doing, but our creativity comes from inside of us. Capture your ideas, then let them grow, find your flow, sink in, and be juicy. Try creating more and thinking about it less. And see if you feel more alive as you manifest your creative dreams. 


Finish What You Start

I love watching people excel at what they do. Watching the Olympics for the past 2 weeks, I'm reminded of the importance of continual practice to get to where we want to be. It's so inspiring to see athletes who have dedicated years of their life to excel and become the best at their sport. If they quit their sport before they get there, then they have no chance of manifesting their Olympic dreams. 

Whatever it is you want to create, dedicate yourself to it and carry on, learning, practicing,  excelling at, and completing your efforts. It may take hours, weeks, or years before you achieve your goal, and that's ok. Give yourself a gold medal whenever you finish what you've set out to create. 



In a perfect world, all our wonderful ideas would work out great the first time, and all would go according to plan. Of course, the world isn't quite perfect, sadly, sigh. 

So what to do when your creative brainstorm isn't working out? We can learn from great teachers, who veer off their lesson plans to meet their students' needs in the moment; Or the musician, who loses their place and decides to "fake it" till back on track or maybe even makes up new lyrics; Or the artist, who drips some paint that can't be removed, and needs to shift their vision to incorporate the "blooper." 

When things go wrong, as they will, we need to stay attentive to the moment, to the new challenge, and meet it without panic but with presence, our own expertise, and our intuition. Sometimes, we just need to wing it and carry on, flying a bit by the seat of our pants. You never know where it may lead.