Helping You Create Your Best At Home, At Work, and in Life


Enjoy the Process

Life and work at times feel rather heavy. Creative deadlines can help us complete things, but can add pressure to our busy lives and weigh us down. It's important to meet our goals, and it helps if we can keep a relaxed mindset and stay playful and light during the creative process. 

Today, try pausing often to relax and smile. Try setting an intention to keep a playful spirit and a light, joyful heart and see how this better helps you to create. 


Trust Your Inner Voice

When we get still and listen deeply within, we can hear and connect to our deepest selves. Then, while attentive and moving from the inside out, we can stay connected to, trust, and follow our inner voice. Often this is when we'll find our creative solutions and eureka's, and our art and inventing will flow. 

As you create today, check in with yourself often. You can sit quietly and calm your mind, or you can take some slow breaths, or do other mindful movement. Attentive to your inner voice, you can create and dance to your own tune and bring your best forward. 


Keep it Effortless

One of my favorite books on the creative music process is Effortless Mastery, by Kenny Werner. He teaches us to get out of our way, to let go self-consciousness, self-doubt, fear, distraction, and the associated stress we create by these hindrances. He encourages us to let our creativity flow as freely and effortlessly as possible, and as simply and naturally as drawing a breath. He also teaches that to perform effortlessly, we need to always practice with presence and as much ease as we can.

In Yoga, we learn to move with our breath and with as much ease and as little effort as possible. The entire practice of Yoga is to help us move in our best way now and in each moment. We move in unity with our highest self, with our heart, mind, and all parts of our body in sync and present to each breath. To do this takes letting go of anything that feels like stress, anxiety, anger, pain, constriction, competition, or effort.  

Watch any master of anything, and they too will make it look effortless. For example, watch Simone Biles perform the seemingly impossible Yurchenko Pike Vault, which appears to be as easy for her as walking. Though years of practice and training got her to this place of automaticity and excellence, her perfect practice and focus certainly contribute to what looks like effortless mastery and ease.

As you move and create today, stop often and see if you're moving with effort or ease. Then release any unneeded effort and see how easy you can make it. 


Make a Bang

For me, the best part of creating is having fun and enjoying the process. Whatever you create today, have a blast, make a bang, and delight in what you've made. Then, if you like, you can make a bigger bang and create more joy by sharing!

Have fun!