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Be Alive

When we see the vivid colors of nature, it helps us feel more alive and vibrant. Vibrant, from Latin roots meaning "shaking to and fro," means to be bright and full of life, energy and enthusiasm. The word "enthusiasm" has Latin and Greek roots meaning "God within." Regardless of your preferred name, beliefs, or disbeliefs for God, maybe God as Supreme Being might resonate. The feeling of enthusiasm is much like the mingling of excitement, joy, and love, and perhaps could be called "supreme being within," or living our highest and fullest. So vibrancy feels expansive, and helps us to move, create, and fully alive with our highest energy. 

Our creative "babies" are also kept alive by keeping enthusiasm and positive energy or good vibes around them. Believe in what you're creating, and be positive about your work while thinking about it, while speaking about it, and while creating. 

Try living and creating with an energy of vibrancy today. 

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