Helping You Create Your Best At Home, At Work, and in Life


Be Alive

When we see the vivid colors of nature, it helps us feel more alive and vibrant. Vibrant, from Latin roots meaning "shaking to and fro," means to be bright and full of life, energy and enthusiasm. The word "enthusiasm" has Latin and Greek roots meaning "God within." Regardless of your preferred name, beliefs, or disbeliefs for God, maybe God as Supreme Being might resonate. The feeling of enthusiasm is much like the mingling of excitement, joy, and love, and perhaps could be called "supreme being within," or living our highest and fullest. So vibrancy feels expansive, and helps us to move, create, and fully alive with our highest energy. 

Our creative "babies" are also kept alive by keeping enthusiasm and positive energy or good vibes around them. Believe in what you're creating, and be positive about your work while thinking about it, while speaking about it, and while creating. 

Try living and creating with an energy of vibrancy today. 


The Power of Creativity

That we are creating matters. What we create matters. I love to create because I love inspiring creativity, positive imagination, and mindful movement. When we create, we can do our part, no matter how large or small, to brighten lives and contribute to making the world a better place.  

What and why do you create? 


Dream Dream Dream

A dream can become a wish, and a wish– with intention and a plan behind it– can become a goal. A goal, with applied energy, willpower, and time, can manifest your dream and make it come real.

Go ahead and dream, dream, dream. Then choose your highest dream, make a plan, and see it through.

What do you dream of?


Be Authentic

We inter-are, and we are each unique. One of the most creative things any of us can do is to create a joyful life, happy with who we are and accepting others as they are. 

We can imitate others while learning and growing, and along the way, we can help build one another up. We can practice, inspire, and be encouraged. Ultimately, as we build skills and confidence, we forge our own style and live our own creative path, no matter how different that may look for each of us. When we harness what we've learned and add our own heart and imagination, then we're being authentic, not trying to be anyone else and not needing anyone's permission or approval. As we live our creative paths, one movement at a time, the bonus is we get to know and love who we are and can create our best lives.

You do you, and I'll do me, and let's enjoy being ourselves. 


Make Informed Choices

Sometimes it's fun to create spontaneously and with not much in mind. For more focused creativity, it usually requires a series of decisions, taking chances, and being comfortable with uncertainty. To make informed choices while creating, know what your goal is, stay open to shifting when surprises arise, and have a positive mindset. It's also wise not to compare yourself to others, to do what you know, and continually expand with new approaches. To be creative, do it now, and make what's best for you and for others.
See if creating in a creative-wise way might lead you in new directions or to new heights.