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Find Strength in What Scares You

It often terrifies people when they try going upside down in a yoga class. We might land on our heads, break our necks, or otherwise hurt ourselves. Or, thinking we're not capable, we may not manage to get our feet up far enough from the ground to give it a real go. 

Of course, it would be reckless to attempt something like this without support or before we have the strength and balance. When we do try it, though, we get to see the world from a new perspective, and to feel gravity's hold on us in this upside down direction. 

Artists, too, often turn their canvas upside down to better see, make adjustments, and improve their art. If we always go at things from the same angle, we can get stuck where we are. 

The unknown is always scary and uncertain. When we only stick with what's safe and known, we miss out on what might be. Sometimes it's the very places that scare us where we find new strength and courage, which helps us go further in our arts, work, and lives. If there's something you're avoiding because of fear, why not find a safe way to give it a try? See what it opens and how it creates new strengths in you and your work. 

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