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Blend Together

We often let our differences build fear, tension or conflict instead of using them as points for more understanding and better solutions. These days our world can feel very divided, with people often taking opposite stances and with political parties in discord instead of creatively coming together to bridge differences. Often all it takes is a difference in opinion for managers to deem an employee "difficult" or let them go. Yet, we don't live in a unison world; and if we did, it would be pretty monotonous. What would it be like if we could appreciate our differences and use them to create harmony?

When we harmonize, we're at peace with ourselves and others. We can create with others by blending our talents, knowledge, and ideas and by respecting and celebrating our diversity. Products and services can be more meaningful, successful, and appeal to a wider audience. 

When our individual hearts, minds, and hands are in sync, the more we can feel united within ourselves, and the less divisiveness and more harmony we can find in our relationships, work, and all we create. Harmony is a worthwhile creative goal. 

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