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Create a Happy Outlook

Victor Frankl said our last freedom is to choose our attitude.  By watching our thoughts and feelings with deep awareness, we can discover how our feelings affect our thoughts and how our thoughts influence our feelings. 

We can consciously create a happy outlook by thinking happy thoughts on purpose. Happier, we can create more joy in our lives. Try getting still for a few moments and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Then think about someone or something that makes you very happy. Notice again how you're feeling. Repeat as needed to cultivate a cheerful attitude, and see how that inspires your creativity. 


Leave Space

Some of us like room in our shoes to wiggle our toes. 
No space? Then it can be more difficult to move with agility and balance.

Artists use their canvas to capture ideas, and the skillful use of unfilled space often breathes life into art. 
No space? Then the message may be unclear or appear busy, overdone, or contracted. 

Musicians use notes of different lengths and pauses between the notes to turn sound into music. 
No space? Then it may sound like noise instead of music. 

We take pauses between inhalations and exhalations, and hearts leave a little space between beats. This allows the heart and lungs to reset and continue giving life. 

Sometimes we need space between projects. When we're stuck in our current project, we can give ourselves some down time. The greatest progress often is made in the pauses, in the spaces between, and in what we leave out. How can you leave a little wiggle room in what you're creating today? 


This is It

Spring is my favorite season to look deeply and enhance my sense of wonder. I love feeling the warmth of the sun as I walk along, watching the buds blooming, seeing the colors unfolding, listening to the birdsongs, smelling the fragrant flowers.

Though too soon we say good-bye to the crocuses, daffodils, and cherry blossoms, there's so much more life unfolding daily. Before long we'll have dandelions and daisies and roses, and our vegetable gardens will come to life. 

Life is short, and this is it. Enjoy your one brief life, one day at a time. Alive now, this day is it, and now is always the best time to create. 


Birth Your Creative Babies

The process of creating can be almost like birthing. Just like having children or growing a garden, we need to first conceive and fertilize our ideas, then let them grow until we can birth our babies.

One of my first managers used to say that the purpose of life was "to make little ones out of big ones." At one level he was talking about procreation; on another, about leveraging the technologies we already owned to make spin-off products. More importantly, his point was that when we create, it always starts small, and then we see where it grows. 

We grow whenever we're intentionally thinking or doing things in an expansive rather than contractive way. It's when we move without fear and in new ways that we can grow, as humans and creators. 

How are you growing today?