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Creative Friendship

Many of my best friends over the years are the ones I've created with. With my childhood friends, we created fun and played out possibilities, growing together. With my husband, we created a family and happy life together. With my friends at work, we created art products for children. With other good friends over the years, we've run activities at a student union, studied together, taught, made art, music, crafts, and books. Friends encourage and support one another in goals and life journeys. Most importantly, with friends we create joy. 

Good friends are everywhere, they can live next door and across the world. To be a friend, all we need to do is be open, caring, and curious about others. We start with a hello, a common interest, or invitation. Then we enjoy and share our best.

Though not easy while distancing, it's always fun to be a friend, to spend time with friends, and to remember our good times together. When and what did you last create with a friend?

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