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Fuel Belief with Fire

Once you start believing in unicorns, it's important to follow up with dragons. 

Belief alone won't create much. It's when you put some fire beneath it that you'll progress and manifest your creative babies. 

Do you know what you want to create and believe you can? Use your fire and go do it! 


Harness the Creative Power of Belief

Ok, so unicorns aren't real. (Yet? Hmmm...)

Not too long ago, neither were cellphones, computers, airplanes, or any of the modern and technological conveniences we take for granted.  

Creativity usually starts with a question, 'What if...."
A good dose of belief helps propel and fuel the process. 

If you set off with curiosity and belief in yourself, then the blank page begins and becomes. And, the opposite is also true, if you believe you will ruin the blank page, you probably will.

The same holds with any creative process. Once the idea and intention is set, it's belief that drives gathering the right team and resources to test, develop, and eventually create your product, whatever it is. Once the belief turns to "it can't be done," then it won't be, because all effort will stop. 

When you believe with your whole being, you harness the creative power of belief. Do you want to create health? It's most important to believe you will be well. The placebo effect has been well proven, as has the power of belief in healing. Yes, you might need medical help or therapy, but with belief and time, you can choose positive thought patterns and habits to contribute to creating your healthiest self. 

What do you believe is worth creating in your life?


Let Go

Sometimes, we just need to surrender to what is, accept, and let go. Other times, we can work through mistakes and challenges, find new solutions, and overcome obstacles. Either way, surrender to what is starts us off, and can be a powerful springboard for our creativity. We accept what is, imagine what could be, and create from there. 

Have a happy today, enjoy creating your best from wherever you are, and let today's learnings,  guide and propel your imagination and creative pursuits.


Create an Abundant Attitude

When we're happy and fulfilled we feel like life is abundant. If we're constantly wanting more and thinking negatively, we create a scarcity mindset and feel like we're lacking. When we practice feeling grateful for what we and others have, it helps us see that we have plenty and there's enough for everyone. 

One of my yoga teachers, Tao Porchon-Lynch, encourages us to see the beauty and would often say "When I wake up in the morning, I know that it's going to be the best day of my life. I never think about what I can't do. Make sure positive thoughts are the first ones you think in the morning. And never procrastinate." She was an inspiration for abundant living, someone who took advantage of life and lived fully for her 101 years. She was a model, actress, wine expert, active in the French resistance during WWII, renowned yoga teacher, writer, and winning ballroom dance competitor in her old age. 

How can we create more abundance in our lives? Simply set the intention and then add positive thoughts, gratitude, smiles, and actions. Try starting and ending each day with positive thoughts, and take advantage of opportunities and build on them. Do what you love, and before long, you may feel you're living more abundantly. 


Creative Friendship

Many of my best friends over the years are the ones I've created with. With my childhood friends, we created fun and played out possibilities, growing together. With my husband, we created a family and happy life together. With my friends at work, we created art products for children. With other good friends over the years, we've run activities at a student union, studied together, taught, made art, music, crafts, and books. Friends encourage and support one another in goals and life journeys. Most importantly, with friends we create joy. 

Good friends are everywhere, they can live next door and across the world. To be a friend, all we need to do is be open, caring, and curious about others. We start with a hello, a common interest, or invitation. Then we enjoy and share our best.

Though not easy while distancing, it's always fun to be a friend, to spend time with friends, and to remember our good times together. When and what did you last create with a friend?