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Use Your Energy Where it Matters

Most of us are dedicated and committed to our families, friends, coworkers, or whoever is most important in our lives. We can also devote ourselves to our work, art, social justice, environmental issues, animal welfare, or any other activity that's worthwhile. It's a good habit to examine our priorities often to be sure we're devoting our time and effort where it's most important and feels truest to us. 

There are specialists and generalists in this world, which are you? If you're a specialist, you've probably already devoted yourself. If you have many areas of focus, you can still give full devotion during the time you spend on each. Choose what's most important right now, focus deeply, and spend your time and energy doing what you believe in, with full presence and devotion, towards creating what you desire. When we're devoted and commit ourselves, that's when it's easiest to enjoy each step along the process and to follow through, completing and creating something new. 

See how you can devote yourself in your creative pursuits today. 

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