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Add A Little Color

Colors affect our psychology, moods, and decisions. For instance, yellow tends to give us confidence, red grabs our attention, and blue can evoke peace and calm. 

If a drawing or painting is falling flat, we can add more color. We can use whatever colors we like, whether realistic or not, to express our emotions. We can splash, drip, swab, pour, spritz, brush, or apply it with brushes or improvised tools like feathers and sticks. 

Maybe you're not painting. Maybe you're knitting, inventing, teaching, writing, cooking, healing, or something else. "Adding color" can also mean adding details in some way, maybe with light, texture, spices, or 
descriptive word paintings; Or by blending ideas or adding playful activities.

What's your favorite way of adding color? How can you add a little more color to your creativity or your life today?

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