Helping You Create Your Best At Home, At Work, and in Life


Add A Little Color

Colors affect our psychology, moods, and decisions. For instance, yellow tends to give us confidence, red grabs our attention, and blue can evoke peace and calm. 

If a drawing or painting is falling flat, we can add more color. We can use whatever colors we like, whether realistic or not, to express our emotions. We can splash, drip, swab, pour, spritz, brush, or apply it with brushes or improvised tools like feathers and sticks. 

Maybe you're not painting. Maybe you're knitting, inventing, teaching, writing, cooking, healing, or something else. "Adding color" can also mean adding details in some way, maybe with light, texture, spices, or 
descriptive word paintings; Or by blending ideas or adding playful activities.

What's your favorite way of adding color? How can you add a little more color to your creativity or your life today?


Take Advantage of Creative Ideas


Sometimes we just need to move on our ideas and give them a try. Exploring possibilities is great. Yet, how often have you come up with an idea and let it go, only to soon find that someone else has implemented what you were contemplating? 

Rather than setting it aside and later thinking, "I could have done that," if it's something that feels worthwhile to create and you're passionate about it, keep going. Pouncing on our best ideas and polishing and completing them helps us harness our creative muse, take advantage of timely opportunities, and see what happens when we share our work. 

What creative endeavor have you been procrastinating on that you can you pounce on today?


Be Outstanding

Not a reliable info source, but sometimes entertaining, is Urban Dictionary, where it says this about grapefruits: 
    "The best living thing ever to have existed. Grapefruit is the Alpha and the Omega. It can never be called a "he" or "she", for the Grapefruit is an "It". Grapefruit is powerful, sexy, charming, seductive, outstanding, astonishing, unique, etc.The ultimate god of the fruits, Grapefruit is the most powerful fruit on earth and overpowers all veggies. It cannot be defined or explained, for Grapefruit is the unexplainable. The invincible. The almighty fruit of all time. Grapefruit has been, is, and will be. A veggie is a Grapefruit's enemy. It bows down at the throne of Grapefruit. Grapefruit is the most powerful thing in the world." 
Just for fun, try replacing "Grapefruit" in the above paragraph with "I." Most of us don't usually feel "powerful, sexy, charming, seductive, outstanding, astonishing, unique," and "invincible." But all of us can assess our weaknesses and strengths and move towards making choices that will lead us to best live our one unique outstanding life. 
Enjoy today, find a small way to feel and be outstanding, and celebrate even small successes. 


Use Your Energy Where it Matters

Most of us are dedicated and committed to our families, friends, coworkers, or whoever is most important in our lives. We can also devote ourselves to our work, art, social justice, environmental issues, animal welfare, or any other activity that's worthwhile. It's a good habit to examine our priorities often to be sure we're devoting our time and effort where it's most important and feels truest to us. 

There are specialists and generalists in this world, which are you? If you're a specialist, you've probably already devoted yourself. If you have many areas of focus, you can still give full devotion during the time you spend on each. Choose what's most important right now, focus deeply, and spend your time and energy doing what you believe in, with full presence and devotion, towards creating what you desire. When we're devoted and commit ourselves, that's when it's easiest to enjoy each step along the process and to follow through, completing and creating something new. 

See how you can devote yourself in your creative pursuits today.