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Reach a Little Further


Happy New Year!

These days you may feel more like hibernating, but I say give yourself a good stretch daily. 

To keep your body open, you can move often, in new ways, and in ways that are best for you. When we keep moving, we stay balanced, get stronger, and become more flexible, creating more well-being. Do yoga, walk, swim, bike, run, hang from trees, hop, get upside down daily, or move in any other way that feels great. Simply standing up once an hour instead of sitting can also help keep us healthy. 

We can also stretch our minds, by taking time to get still and feel inside ourselves; by trying new things and techniques; by opening to new points of view; by reading something outside our normal comfort zone; by keeping a can-do growth mindset; and by learning anything new and doing something differently. 

All these ways to stretch help us make new neural connections, which will steep into our creativity. How might you stretch in 2021? Give a stretch each day, reach a little further in your art, and see how it helps you create. 

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