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Let Change Fuel Your Creativity

With the upcoming US presidential inauguration, there's been much anticipation and unrest, with many questioning what will happen next in these times of challenge and disunity. I'm hopeful for peaceful, positive change, yet am aware that some problems may intensify before they improve. 

One of the few constants in life is change, and change can feel anything from exciting to very uncomfortable or uncertain. Some of us tend to dig in our heels or otherwise clench and resist change; others flow more comfortably. When we're not open to change, we can get stuck in the past, fearful and not open to what is and what else can be. When things are changing in your life, in your work, or in the world at large- which they always are- try noticing and naming your feelings about what's happening. If you feel anxious, angry, sad, or afraid, try to name the emotion, see if you can feel where you hold tight feelings in your body, then try to consciously invite in relaxation where needed. When we name our emotion and relax our bodies, we can better move through whatever we're presented with. Instead of fearing change, we can come to accept and embrace it and all its creative possibilities.

And sometimes when presented with change, it can inspire us to look carefully at our habits, attitudes and beliefs. It can be threatening to challenge our own biases and points of view, yet it's a very creative process. We may grow more intelligent and compassionate by listening, learning, opening, and coming to better understand the change around us.

How will you embrace change today, and how will you use it to fuel your creativity? 

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