Helping You Create Your Best At Home, At Work, and in Life


Birth Your Creative Babies

The process of creating can be almost like birthing. Just like having children or growing a garden, we need to first conceive and fertilize our ideas, then let them grow until we can birth our babies.

One of my first managers used to say that the purpose of life was "to make little ones out of big ones." At one level he was talking about procreation; on another, about leveraging the technologies we already owned to make spin-off products. More importantly, his point was that when we create, it always starts small, and then we see where it grows. 

We grow whenever we're intentionally thinking or doing things in an expansive rather than contractive way. It's when we move without fear and in new ways that we can grow, as humans and creators. 

How are you growing today? 


Fuel Belief with Fire

Once you start believing in unicorns, it's important to follow up with dragons. 

Belief alone won't create much. It's when you put some fire beneath it that you'll progress and manifest your creative babies. 

Do you know what you want to create and believe you can? Use your fire and go do it! 


Harness the Creative Power of Belief

Ok, so unicorns aren't real. (Yet? Hmmm...)

Not too long ago, neither were cellphones, computers, airplanes, or any of the modern and technological conveniences we take for granted.  

Creativity usually starts with a question, 'What if...."
A good dose of belief helps propel and fuel the process. 

If you set off with curiosity and belief in yourself, then the blank page begins and becomes. And, the opposite is also true, if you believe you will ruin the blank page, you probably will.

The same holds with any creative process. Once the idea and intention is set, it's belief that drives gathering the right team and resources to test, develop, and eventually create your product, whatever it is. Once the belief turns to "it can't be done," then it won't be, because all effort will stop. 

When you believe with your whole being, you harness the creative power of belief. Do you want to create health? It's most important to believe you will be well. The placebo effect has been well proven, as has the power of belief in healing. Yes, you might need medical help or therapy, but with belief and time, you can choose positive thought patterns and habits to contribute to creating your healthiest self. 

What do you believe is worth creating in your life?


Let Go

Sometimes, we just need to surrender to what is, accept, and let go. Other times, we can work through mistakes and challenges, find new solutions, and overcome obstacles. Either way, surrender to what is starts us off, and can be a powerful springboard for our creativity. We accept what is, imagine what could be, and create from there. 

Have a happy today, enjoy creating your best from wherever you are, and let today's learnings,  guide and propel your imagination and creative pursuits.


Create an Abundant Attitude

When we're happy and fulfilled we feel like life is abundant. If we're constantly wanting more and thinking negatively, we create a scarcity mindset and feel like we're lacking. When we practice feeling grateful for what we and others have, it helps us see that we have plenty and there's enough for everyone. 

One of my yoga teachers, Tao Porchon-Lynch, encourages us to see the beauty and would often say "When I wake up in the morning, I know that it's going to be the best day of my life. I never think about what I can't do. Make sure positive thoughts are the first ones you think in the morning. And never procrastinate." She was an inspiration for abundant living, someone who took advantage of life and lived fully for her 101 years. She was a model, actress, wine expert, active in the French resistance during WWII, renowned yoga teacher, writer, and winning ballroom dance competitor in her old age. 

How can we create more abundance in our lives? Simply set the intention and then add positive thoughts, gratitude, smiles, and actions. Try starting and ending each day with positive thoughts, and take advantage of opportunities and build on them. Do what you love, and before long, you may feel you're living more abundantly. 


Creative Friendship

Many of my best friends over the years are the ones I've created with. With my childhood friends, we created fun and played out possibilities, growing together. With my husband, we created a family and happy life together. With my friends at work, we created art products for children. With other good friends over the years, we've run activities at a student union, studied together, taught, made art, music, crafts, and books. Friends encourage and support one another in goals and life journeys. Most importantly, with friends we create joy. 

Good friends are everywhere, they can live next door and across the world. To be a friend, all we need to do is be open, caring, and curious about others. We start with a hello, a common interest, or invitation. Then we enjoy and share our best.

Though not easy while distancing, it's always fun to be a friend, to spend time with friends, and to remember our good times together. When and what did you last create with a friend?


Add A Little Color

Colors affect our psychology, moods, and decisions. For instance, yellow tends to give us confidence, red grabs our attention, and blue can evoke peace and calm. 

If a drawing or painting is falling flat, we can add more color. We can use whatever colors we like, whether realistic or not, to express our emotions. We can splash, drip, swab, pour, spritz, brush, or apply it with brushes or improvised tools like feathers and sticks. 

Maybe you're not painting. Maybe you're knitting, inventing, teaching, writing, cooking, healing, or something else. "Adding color" can also mean adding details in some way, maybe with light, texture, spices, or 
descriptive word paintings; Or by blending ideas or adding playful activities.

What's your favorite way of adding color? How can you add a little more color to your creativity or your life today?


Take Advantage of Creative Ideas


Sometimes we just need to move on our ideas and give them a try. Exploring possibilities is great. Yet, how often have you come up with an idea and let it go, only to soon find that someone else has implemented what you were contemplating? 

Rather than setting it aside and later thinking, "I could have done that," if it's something that feels worthwhile to create and you're passionate about it, keep going. Pouncing on our best ideas and polishing and completing them helps us harness our creative muse, take advantage of timely opportunities, and see what happens when we share our work. 

What creative endeavor have you been procrastinating on that you can you pounce on today?


Be Outstanding

Not a reliable info source, but sometimes entertaining, is Urban Dictionary, where it says this about grapefruits: 
    "The best living thing ever to have existed. Grapefruit is the Alpha and the Omega. It can never be called a "he" or "she", for the Grapefruit is an "It". Grapefruit is powerful, sexy, charming, seductive, outstanding, astonishing, unique, etc.The ultimate god of the fruits, Grapefruit is the most powerful fruit on earth and overpowers all veggies. It cannot be defined or explained, for Grapefruit is the unexplainable. The invincible. The almighty fruit of all time. Grapefruit has been, is, and will be. A veggie is a Grapefruit's enemy. It bows down at the throne of Grapefruit. Grapefruit is the most powerful thing in the world." 
Just for fun, try replacing "Grapefruit" in the above paragraph with "I." Most of us don't usually feel "powerful, sexy, charming, seductive, outstanding, astonishing, unique," and "invincible." But all of us can assess our weaknesses and strengths and move towards making choices that will lead us to best live our one unique outstanding life. 
Enjoy today, find a small way to feel and be outstanding, and celebrate even small successes. 


Use Your Energy Where it Matters

Most of us are dedicated and committed to our families, friends, coworkers, or whoever is most important in our lives. We can also devote ourselves to our work, art, social justice, environmental issues, animal welfare, or any other activity that's worthwhile. It's a good habit to examine our priorities often to be sure we're devoting our time and effort where it's most important and feels truest to us. 

There are specialists and generalists in this world, which are you? If you're a specialist, you've probably already devoted yourself. If you have many areas of focus, you can still give full devotion during the time you spend on each. Choose what's most important right now, focus deeply, and spend your time and energy doing what you believe in, with full presence and devotion, towards creating what you desire. When we're devoted and commit ourselves, that's when it's easiest to enjoy each step along the process and to follow through, completing and creating something new. 

See how you can devote yourself in your creative pursuits today. 


Get Excited

How often do you pause and notice your deep feelings? What gets you feeling really excited, enthusiastic, angry or irrational? 

Good news: As it turns out, research has shown that people who are the most open to their full range of emotions- from positive to negative and including extreme emotions- often measure high scores on creative capacity tests. 

Next time you "go bananas," remember that energy can't be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed. Use your deep passionate energy and channel it into your creative endeavors, and see you what you can create from there. 


Let Change Fuel Your Creativity

With the upcoming US presidential inauguration, there's been much anticipation and unrest, with many questioning what will happen next in these times of challenge and disunity. I'm hopeful for peaceful, positive change, yet am aware that some problems may intensify before they improve. 

One of the few constants in life is change, and change can feel anything from exciting to very uncomfortable or uncertain. Some of us tend to dig in our heels or otherwise clench and resist change; others flow more comfortably. When we're not open to change, we can get stuck in the past, fearful and not open to what is and what else can be. When things are changing in your life, in your work, or in the world at large- which they always are- try noticing and naming your feelings about what's happening. If you feel anxious, angry, sad, or afraid, try to name the emotion, see if you can feel where you hold tight feelings in your body, then try to consciously invite in relaxation where needed. When we name our emotion and relax our bodies, we can better move through whatever we're presented with. Instead of fearing change, we can come to accept and embrace it and all its creative possibilities.

And sometimes when presented with change, it can inspire us to look carefully at our habits, attitudes and beliefs. It can be threatening to challenge our own biases and points of view, yet it's a very creative process. We may grow more intelligent and compassionate by listening, learning, opening, and coming to better understand the change around us.

How will you embrace change today, and how will you use it to fuel your creativity? 


Connect with your Inner Child


When did you last let go and play?

George Bernard Shaw said, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." Though we mostly need to let go of being childish, we can continue positive
childlike traits as we grow up. Children tend to laugh more, to take life lightly, to be completely in the moment, and to be silly and spontaneous with what comes up, especially while they play. We've all met people who age playfully, and others who seem to lose touch with their inner child. 

Play involves engaging the imagination and trying new things just for the fun of what might happen. The scientific process is similar, starting with a question and thinking and imagining what might happen, then experimenting and making observations to find out. The creative process, too, is about getting ideas, and exploring different ways to implement them. We try one thing, see what happens, and then try another till we create what we want. As long as we don't let our inner critic in, it can be almost like play.

Playfulness is one of the most critical attitudes for innovation. To be more playful, we can play games, play with our children and families, and play with ideas. We can play while we work, play while we create, and play while we exercise and move our bodies. We can almost make a game out of life, stopping to notice humor that feels stitched into our cosmos. 

There's plenty of time for being serious, but as you remember to get out of your thinking/analyzing brain and have some fun each day, see how that expands your creativity. 


Reach a Little Further


Happy New Year!

These days you may feel more like hibernating, but I say give yourself a good stretch daily. 

To keep your body open, you can move often, in new ways, and in ways that are best for you. When we keep moving, we stay balanced, get stronger, and become more flexible, creating more well-being. Do yoga, walk, swim, bike, run, hang from trees, hop, get upside down daily, or move in any other way that feels great. Simply standing up once an hour instead of sitting can also help keep us healthy. 

We can also stretch our minds, by taking time to get still and feel inside ourselves; by trying new things and techniques; by opening to new points of view; by reading something outside our normal comfort zone; by keeping a can-do growth mindset; and by learning anything new and doing something differently. 

All these ways to stretch help us make new neural connections, which will steep into our creativity. How might you stretch in 2021? Give a stretch each day, reach a little further in your art, and see how it helps you create.