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Explore Your Shadows


It's that darkest time of year again now that we've passed winter solstice. 2020's been a particularly gloomy year where we've had to confront so much of our shadow side- illness, death, social injustice and unrest, economic struggles, etc. causing most of us deep and mixed emotions including anxiety, anger, grief and fear. Facing short, colder days can exaggerate our darker feelings. We can ignore these messages, or explore them and see what we learn. Once we stop resisting, difficult feelings can pass like clouds clearing on a dreary day. 

Avoided emotions often store in our bodies as lower, slower energies, and these contribute to our physical pains and illnesses. Instead, we can look deep within and try to feel them with full attention, and face and release these from the inside. As we move, we can bring our inner awareness to the places in our bodies that feel pain and stress, and just stop, rest there, feel what messages they have for us and invite them to release. We can move slowly in whatever way feels best, and pause whenever we feel tension, relaxing or backing out as needed or inviting softness where we feel strong sensation. When we relax into these tighter places, things can start to open inside us, and we begin to heal both our physical and emotional pain.  

During this solstice time in this pandemic year, let's courageously continue to face the dark clouds of our personal and collective loss, emotions, and circumstances. And as the clouds pass, let's look forward to brighter days. Please stay well and enjoy your holidays in whatever way you can! 

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