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Be Powerful With Your Words


The power of words is enormous. We probably all have memories to disprove the old children's ditty, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me." Words, like everything else, carry creative energy. When we speak with love, kindness, thoughtfulness, and concern for others, we can discuss difficult topics, hear one another's viewpoints, and cooperate to create unity and solutions. When we lash out words with fear, anger, impatience, arrogance, or self righteousness, we can cause further division and pain, creating larger problems. 

Both these types of communication are prevalent in our relations and on social media. It's so easy to quickly jot off our first thought and hit publish; or to verbally vent out our frustrations. Instead, we can practice speaking and writing with clarity, honesty, and brevity, sharing our messages in ways that others won't feel offended, bullied or disempowered. Our words are powerful, and when we use them well, they're better heard and more impactful. Let's do sweet tweets and posts, speaking our truth with kindness. Let's pause and breathe and be gatekeepers to our words, especially when we're overwhelmed and they want to fly out. Please don't stifle your thoughts, feelings, and words; instead, remember how powerfully creative they are and use them to help create unity rather than division and to manifest your dreams. 

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