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Count your Successes

Though 2020 has been challenging, it's also given an opportunity to examine what we want to continue doing and what to let go of. Despite all the stress, loss, uncertainty, distancing, and difficulties, let's also look back and count our personal growth and successes this year. 

I'll go first: Social distancing left me with lots more time to create. While missing friends and family, I wrote, illustrated, and self-published my first children's picture book and learned to make and post a YouTube video of it. I revised and kept up with this weekly blog, improved my watercolor technique, started teaching myself guitar, learned the ProCreate digital art app for iPad, and learned to teach yoga and mindfulness through Zoom. I stayed in touch with family and friends in new ways, and though I couldn't be with them often, I was able to help some of my grandchildren with their learning. 

It's creating that helped me deal with the anxiety of the year and keep going. One day early on, I even figured out a way to turn newspaper into clean and soft enough toilet paper substitute, just in case (lol, no, I didn't actually try it out; but you can rinse most of the ink out of newspaper quickly, crumple it up, uncrumple, let it dry, cut and roll onto old TP rolls, and it might do the trick in a serious pinch. If nothing else, it quelled my fear of running out of TP. I haven't run out– besides, a simple squirt bottle would probably do the trick easier. So now maybe I'll explore other uses for all that saved newspaper). Beyond physical creativity, and more importantly, I think I've become a little more courageous, a little more resilient, a little stronger even; because though all the uncertainty remains and reminds me daily of my human vulnerability and mortality, I can celebrate that, today, I'm still vibrantly alive and will use my energy the best I can.

Hopefully you, too, can list accomplishments and all the new ways you've found to get by, let go, and be creative with parenting, schooling, working, playing, healing, activism, etc. Even if it was as simple as, "I survived despite the stress" let's all celebrate creatively getting through 2020. 


Explore Your Shadows


It's that darkest time of year again now that we've passed winter solstice. 2020's been a particularly gloomy year where we've had to confront so much of our shadow side- illness, death, social injustice and unrest, economic struggles, etc. causing most of us deep and mixed emotions including anxiety, anger, grief and fear. Facing short, colder days can exaggerate our darker feelings. We can ignore these messages, or explore them and see what we learn. Once we stop resisting, difficult feelings can pass like clouds clearing on a dreary day. 

Avoided emotions often store in our bodies as lower, slower energies, and these contribute to our physical pains and illnesses. Instead, we can look deep within and try to feel them with full attention, and face and release these from the inside. As we move, we can bring our inner awareness to the places in our bodies that feel pain and stress, and just stop, rest there, feel what messages they have for us and invite them to release. We can move slowly in whatever way feels best, and pause whenever we feel tension, relaxing or backing out as needed or inviting softness where we feel strong sensation. When we relax into these tighter places, things can start to open inside us, and we begin to heal both our physical and emotional pain.  

During this solstice time in this pandemic year, let's courageously continue to face the dark clouds of our personal and collective loss, emotions, and circumstances. And as the clouds pass, let's look forward to brighter days. Please stay well and enjoy your holidays in whatever way you can! 


Take Chances


Often the next step feels uncertain.
We don't want to mess up the artwork we've begun, have lots of ways we might finish it, and don't want to make a choice that ruins it. Or, we don't really know which way to proceed at work, and feel pressured for time and results. Usually there's options of how to move forward– so we need to get comfortable taking intelligent risks. It's taking that next step, or that jump, that shows us how it will turn out. No one wants to fail, and uncertainty makes us feel vulnerable; yet not taking chances keeps us stuck and not progressing. So gather your choices, eliminate the ones you can, push through indecision, and take a leap on the option that might offer you the best possibilities and outcome. 
How can you take a leap in what you're creating today? 


Be Powerful With Your Words


The power of words is enormous. We probably all have memories to disprove the old children's ditty, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me." Words, like everything else, carry creative energy. When we speak with love, kindness, thoughtfulness, and concern for others, we can discuss difficult topics, hear one another's viewpoints, and cooperate to create unity and solutions. When we lash out words with fear, anger, impatience, arrogance, or self righteousness, we can cause further division and pain, creating larger problems. 

Both these types of communication are prevalent in our relations and on social media. It's so easy to quickly jot off our first thought and hit publish; or to verbally vent out our frustrations. Instead, we can practice speaking and writing with clarity, honesty, and brevity, sharing our messages in ways that others won't feel offended, bullied or disempowered. Our words are powerful, and when we use them well, they're better heard and more impactful. Let's do sweet tweets and posts, speaking our truth with kindness. Let's pause and breathe and be gatekeepers to our words, especially when we're overwhelmed and they want to fly out. Please don't stifle your thoughts, feelings, and words; instead, remember how powerfully creative they are and use them to help create unity rather than division and to manifest your dreams. 




Sometimes, we're just not ready to create. We need to learn more, practice, develop our skills, mature, and become inspired. We create best when we're prepared, our intention is strong, and we feel determined. Creativity is largely about readiness: When ripened, we can dig in and get to it. Experiment with what time of day is best to maximize your creative energy, and find that sweet spot each day to practice and create.