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Inquire Within Yourselfl

It's great to be aware of all that's around us and what others are up to, and it's easy to let our senses pull us to all that we see and hear around us. If we overdo looking outside of ourselves and at what other people are creating, we can derail our creative goals with doubt, envy, and indecision. We conjure up our best when connected with our deepest inner self. Today try taking a more time to get still and look within yourself. You can watch how your body feels, and how your breath, thoughts, and feelings are quickly moving and shifting, In time, practicing mindfully like this helps you come to know yourself, your patterns, and your deepest desires. 

Remember to pause and tap in with frequent self inquiry to get in touch with your deepest goals. Try moving more from the inside, out. Self-directing and creating from our center is where we find our best answers. 

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