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Create Joy With Gratitude


Gratitude is just one practice that grounds and inspires me, and acts like a doorway to today's creative possibilities. It's also the best way I know to create an inner, open, joyful space and feel energized to say "Yes!" and meet whatever arrives on today's path. As I prepare to celebrate this Thanksgiving at home with just my husband this year, I'm grateful for health, family, friends, abundance, creativity, choices, strengths, confidence, love, joy, compassion, life... the list goes on... I'm thankful to feel grateful in this moment. 

Like John Tierney reported in this New York Times articlepsychologists have shown that "cultivating an "attitude of gratitude" has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction with life, and kinder behavior toward others." All worthwhile things to focus on creating within ourselves!

When we feel our grateful hearts and enjoy our blessings, we become happier. Grateful, happy people can help create a happier world. In my yoga classes, I often offer a gratitude meditation, inviting students to visualize someone they're thankful for, and to then feel themselves radiating gratitude from their heart towards this person. Maybe try that now for a few moments, and feel it deeply. Starting with a thankful heart, see how well you create this day. 

Wishing you a terrific Thanksgiving  and well-being for you, your family, and our world.



You are Essential

When we feel overwhelmed and like we'd like to make more positive impact in our world, it's important to remember that though we can't do everything, we can do our part and be a force for change. Whenever you share yourself, time, talents, and resources, 
"You are doing something vital... like a piece of beautiful colored glass in Cathedral window. Even the tiniest piece is essential to the whole!"  (Angela Farmer, scroll to end of blog to learn about her)

Each of us is significant. Imagine if the pieces in the Cathedral window were all the same shape, color, and size? Diversity uniting– combining strengths and differences to act together with others– is powerfully creative! Imagine missing pieces, who didn't show up because they thought they weren't enough? And, just as colorful pieces let the light shine through, we help brighten the world when we share our best.

The Cathedral window analogy also brings to mind that majestic cathedrals were built over hundreds of years, "by many who would never see their work completed or admired, but knew their labor was worthwhile." (Susan Harley) The Notre Dame Cathedral, for example, took about 300 years to complete: That's about 10 generations of people working towards a common cause, with each person's contribution integral to the cathedral's wholeness. 

Whether we're raising children, farming, teaching, inventing, healing, making art, working towards justice, or any other act, our part is enough. We can give our best and know we're making a positive difference. Whatever you create– and as you do what you can, while you can, from where you are– please remember you're a vital piece of the whole. 

Angela Farmer lives on the beautiful island of Lesvos, where ~13000 refugees are suffering in sub-human conditions while waiting for asylum in the EU. Angela, Susan, Linda, and others are helping as many of these people as possible. We are raising funds, 100% which will go towards supporting a mother and her young children. Please consider making a one time or ongoing contribution. You can contact me or donate at Linda's GoFundMe. Thank you!


Inquire Within Yourselfl

It's great to be aware of all that's around us and what others are up to, and it's easy to let our senses pull us to all that we see and hear around us. If we overdo looking outside of ourselves and at what other people are creating, we can derail our creative goals with doubt, envy, and indecision. We conjure up our best when connected with our deepest inner self. Today try taking a more time to get still and look within yourself. You can watch how your body feels, and how your breath, thoughts, and feelings are quickly moving and shifting, In time, practicing mindfully like this helps you come to know yourself, your patterns, and your deepest desires. 

Remember to pause and tap in with frequent self inquiry to get in touch with your deepest goals. Try moving more from the inside, out. Self-directing and creating from our center is where we find our best answers. 


Enjoy What's Sweet

We can make lemonade from lemons, squeezing out our best and looking to stretch scarcity and brighten difficulties. And we can look for and enjoy what's already wonderful around us, even while exploring continuous improvements. 

What could get better than apple pie out of tart fall apples? Recently I started making pies with just a top crust, and because I'm gluten free, I've discovered that adding some cheddar cheese to the dough makes it easier to roll, better textured, and even tastier. With a nice crisp crust on top, and no bottom crust to get soggy, pies taste more delicious and feel healthier. 

How can you apply creativity to enhance something you already enjoy today? If you have apples, why not make some apple pie?