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Ask "Why?

  2. There's so much to be surprised about and admire in our world, especially when we're met with new, unexpected, beautiful, surprising, or inexplicable things, people, or events. There's also lots to wonder about when we encounter things we fear, object to, and are unjust. 
  3. As children, we constantly looked around and asked "Why?". Rather than becoming complacent, it's important to stay connected to our childlike wonder, be curious, and question often, keeping judgement at bay. This helps us sensitively inform our creative decisions. Take time to notice, admire, and be inspired by what came before us and the marvels of nature. Allow opportunities for betterment to motivate you to further action.

  4. We can always look a little deeper and with fresh eyes at what's around us and deepen our perspective and understanding. Question often, asking "What's working well and what 's not?" in your habits and practices. Wonder often, "What can I do differently, or how can I contribute to make this better or be the change I want to see?" Then keep applying your talents and creativity. 


Do What You Can

I cannot say this better than one of my favorite people, role model, and yoga teacher, Angela Farmer: 

    "Everywhere we look in the world at this time, there are disasters with people, animals, forests, oceans in desperate, life-threatening situations...and mostly due to our Human Species. It would be wonderful to change all this and help everyone and is overwhelming. My only solution to some kind of sanity and feeling that I can do something...[maybe Invisible to the world view but like our Yoga practice...just a millimeter of opening, release, unwinding.... is worth everything]. My solution is to help one person, one animal, one tree, write one protest at a time."

None of us can do everything, but we can all do something. We can all be a force for change when we help in any way. How do you find ways to create positive change or help one other being?

Angela lives on the beautiful island of Lesvos, where ~13000 refugees are suffering in sub-human conditions while waiting for asylum in the EU. Angela and others are helping as many of these people as possible. We are raising funds, 100% which will go towards supporting a mother and her young children. Please consider making a one time or ongoing contribution. You can contact me or donate at this GoFundMe. Thank you!


Beware Distraction

For us creatives, it's sometimes easy to get distracted by a new idea and start chasing it rather than sticking to the way or thing we were working on. When this happens, it can lead us to wonderful new exploratory directions and discoveries that might speed our process or later help us in our creative endeavors; or it might lead us down a rabbit hole that slows and detracts us from our goal. When you watch and stay aware of these distractions, or "rabbit holes," you can consciously choose whether they're worth spending time on. If they are, venture into them with curiosity and focus. Sometimes we need rabbit holes for new solutions. Just pay attention, go into rabbit holes with determination, don't get stuck in a rabbit hole, and come out refreshed and ready to apply new learnings. 


Create Self Improvement

The Mexican axolotl, on the brink of extinction, can miraculously regenerate and heal itself as it injures or loses body parts. Though we humans can't usually regrow lost limbs and parts, we can often create a great deal of healing within ourselves and change the parts we want to improve. When we learn where we're stuck in our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can work to expand and find growth from the inside out, becoming healthier, kinder, more patient, or anything else we work towards. We can begin to transform sluggish, stuck energy to vibrancy by thinking more positively, by noticing where we clench and tighten in our bodies, and by allowing for whatever emotions arise and feeling their messages fully. Simply and purposely taking some deep breaths; relaxing fully; moving in new ways; smiling; singing; dancing; reaching out a helping hand to others; or thinking a happier thought on purpose are all ways to begin healing and transformation towards creating your best and healthiest self.