Helping You Create Your Best At Home, At Work, and in Life


Create Space for Pause

It's important to have goals to aim our creative energy. If we don't plan and take steps towards our goal, we won't get there. On the other hand, when we use a planner or approach each day with a To-Do List, we can chase after the details towards the goals and lose sight of why and how we're doing what we do; or we can get caught up in the steps and obstacles along the way and get thrown off track. So it's also important to create space to stop, to pause, to reflect. Reflecting helps us create and define worthwhile goals, and also to remember and stay focused on our largest goals. Reflect often to keep your priorities in perspective and better use your creativity.  


Reach Out To Others

One of the most important things we can create is healthy relationships. Knowing who we can rely on and who will not let us down in a time of need, who will hear us when we need an ear, helps us to feel connected and remain calm, even during times of challenge and crisis. While the pandemic spreads and fires rage, while policies of fear and hatred abound, sometimes it's hard to remember that the most valuable thing is our lives together. None of us is alone, and we remember every time we stick together and reach out to others. 


Create Your Life Day By Day

Life is our greatest gift. When we stop to smell the flowers, to enjoy what's before us, 
to create this day as best we can moment by moment, we honor and celebrate life. The white lily symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation of the soul, and can be a reminder that each day, as we become aware of our first waking breath, it's like we're given a new beginning. We can approach the day habitually and with drudgery, or we can bring new zest, a positive attitude, and focused energy. Notice and pause as needed throughout the day to bring your awareness back to the moment and to stay present in all you do. We create our lives day by day, so see how you can create this day, choosing to live life as a celebration, regardless of circumstances around you. 


Create True to You

Whether inventing, cooking, healing, making art, constructing, dancing, designing a wardrobe, or creating in any way, we always start with what's before us. We can learn from and imitate the masters, and we can copy and "steal like an artist," expanding on what already exists. Because so much of creativity comes from seeing and spring-boarding from what others have done, it's important to stay centered in who you are, enjoy the process of creating, and stay authentic and true to your message or intention for creating. We are all creative, and we are all unique. Be the beautiful star you are, and grow and create from there. 


Make Lemonade from Lemons

In this year of 2020 with August over, summer ending, coronavirus carrying on, political division, social unrest, and more... it can feel overwhelming, and easy to become pessimistic or feel like things are getting worse. Where there's problems– there's lots of opportunity to discover and apply creative solutions all around. We can hole up and shut down and feel anxious or defeated, or we can remember the adage to turn lemons into lemonade. None of us can recreate and solve everything, but each of us can find what refreshes and energizes us, and work on creating our best, according to our passions, strengths and resources. Extra time staying home? What can you create from there? Together we can share and enjoy the fruits of our efforts. Carry on, and squeeze out your best, seizing this day!