Helping You Create Your Best At Home, At Work, and in Life


Take a Break

Knowing when to take a break is important. When you're feeling anxious or creating feels stuck or forced, take time off to renew and enjoy some sweet moments. Refreshed, you'll come back
 feeling relaxed and inspired, and you can move towards creating effortlessly again. How many sweet moments can you enjoy today?


See the Big Picture

Remember to keep the goal in sight when you're creating: Usually that means the expectation of a new skill or product of some sort, whether it's in a similar style to what you normally make or something completely new. While beginning, it helps to look wide, them make sweeping decisions, eliminating materials and methods and choosing the ones that will most likely optimize your outcome. 

For instance, if you want to expand on how you paint, rather than sticking to emulating one master, you can dabble with tutorials in a variety of styles. Trying lots of ways increases the skills in your toolbox, and from there, in time, your own style will eventually emerge as you mix and combine your favorite techniques with your own hand. The same goes for writing, playing music, making new products, or any other creative endeavor. 

It's so easy to get lost in the little details when creating. Starting broadly helps keep the possibilities wide, then reducing the less favorable variables helps you get toward your goal. Keep your eye on the big picture, and carry on. 


Dig Up Creative Inspiration

Do you ever see what others are creating and wonder how they got their idea or wish you'd thought of that? Or do you ever get stuck in a dry spell where the ideas stop flowing? 

One way to stimulate creativity is to go "treasure hunting." This can be done almost anywhere, from a store to the shore. The idea is to have an intention of what you need a creative solution for, and then to look around deeply, preferably in new places, and make lists, take photos, or gather things that are odd, beautiful, have something novel about them, or that inspire or call you in some way. These ideas can then be examined to see if new associations can be made between them. Children do this naturally while playing, using what's around them and repurposing and combining things as needed. For instance, kids often turn rocks, pinecones, seashells, feathers, and other natural found objects into everything from game pieces to fairy lands. Or they search through their Grandma's cedar chest and desk drawers to discover cool, forgotten objects that they suddenly can find a new use for. 

Those of us who have grown up may need to work a little harder to come into the mindset of looking for treasures and recombining or expanding on them to get new ideas, products, or solutions. Try going on a treasure hunt today to get new ideas towards a problem you're looking to solve. 


Create Joy

Scientists have proven that happiness is contagious. And happy people have stronger immune systems and stay healthier. Even during difficult times, thinking kind, happy thoughts on purpose help create happiness, because body, mind, and emotions are always connected. 

Sometimes a smile is all that's needed to bring a little joy to others, too. Enjoy creating from a happy heart today, and see where you can spread a little happiness. Not sure what to create? Just start with a smile, and see what follows.