Helping You Create Your Best At Home, At Work, and in Life


Take Care of Your Creative Babies

Our creative endeavors are like our babies, we need to focus on them and keep them safe from harm till they're ready to be on their own in the world. Once they're out there, some will travel wide, others will stay closer to home. Regardless of how far what you create may spread, at least by birthing and protecting your most precious projects, they get their chance in the world. If your creative spark hatches into something that makes one person's life better, then your time has been spent well. If it brings you joy while making it, it's been worthwhile. What we create matters, enjoy the process and protect what's precious. 


Create Trust

Who or what do you trust? And how can we create trust in a world filled with uncertainty, especially when we've all experienced various levels of individual and collective trauma and there are so many points of view?

Without trust, fear blocks our hearts and minds and we become reactive. So it's important to surrender our fear and feel like maybe things will work out. Even during a pandemic. Even when our world views may be expanding or challenged. Even when the world feels like it's turned upside down. 

We can trust that some people are trustworthy enough that we can rely on them. Maybe science, and love, and nature, and intelligence and collective healing will help bring a new balance to our world. Maybe our inspired ideas will come together as solutions if we stick with them, with care and trust. Let's co-create it well. 


Create Resiliency

Do you stay inflated and bounce when things go wrong, or do you deflate and get stopped? When we get down on ourselves, we project failure and doubt and it's hard to create anything from a "can't do" mindset. When we keep a growth mindset, instead we say "I can't do this... yet," or "I'll do better next time," and we keep at it. 

Resiliency, like everything else, grows stronger from practice. We can let mistakes, failures, and wrong turns keep us down, or we can bounce back and try again. The more things we try, the more we learn how much we can begin again, if not on this project, maybe on something better. 

If at first your creative efforts don't work out or feel a little bumpy, you can bounce back. It might not take you in the same direction as before. Who knows, it might even be better. 


The Secret Ingredient in Creativity

Love: The secret ingredient to everything, the magic juice, the highest energy, and what it's all about. 

Love yourself. 

Love who you're with. 

Love your family, your friends, your coworkers, and even the difficult people in your life. 

Love what you do. 

As much as is possible, do what you love. 

And if you're not loving what you're doing, see what you can change, either from a step in a new direction, or from a more loving place within yourself. Add a little love to whatever you're doing right now, and you might not just create a better day, you may also improve your choices, relationships, work, art, and life... 

See how much you can create today with love in your heart, and with heart and head connected. 

Love that you're you, love that you're creating. 

Creating from the heart, you just might touch other's hearts with what you create. And maybe you'll even love what you create. Love creating today.