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Snuggle to Boost Calm and Immunity

Us human beings have many innate needs. Not only do we need to be together, but it can be very healing to be touched and hugged. If you're fortunate to live with others or pets, spend time daily hugging, holding, and helping one another to feel supported and well. Simply holding hands, or giving a little back or foot rub also helps. It's good for you and for them.

Why? Beneath our skin is our fascia, a gel-like connective tissue that’s the largest organ in our body. The skin and fascia contain many nerve endings, so when we’re held or massaged it’s very calming to our nervous systems. Squeezes and massage can also help to keep our lymph moving, important for creating and maintaining a strong immune system.

No people or pets around? No worries, you can hug yourself, roll on foam rollers or do self-massage to work the fascia, relax the nervous system, and keep your lymphatic system healthy. 

As you create today, remember to create and practice habits and support for a healthy you. Be well!

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