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Create Unplugged Time

Summer's almost officially here, and it's a great time to get outdoors, look up and see the sky in the day, and gaze at the stars at night. When I think of childhood summers, I recall spending almost every day outdoors all day long, playing, biking, swimming, and sitting on the beach reading or chatting with friends for hours.  

Speaking of chatting, I recently spoke on the phone to a 40-ish year old dear person, and at the end of the conversation, said, "It's been great chatting and catching up." She laughed, and said "We didn't chat," and corrected me, saying that chatting is done with our fingers and a keyboard on a device. Well, hmmm. Where on earth did the word chat come from? It used to mean talking to one another, and was invented long before computers! As I confirm with Google, I find it's origin is Middle English, from the 1550's, and is a shortening of chatter, or to "converse familiarly."

Yes, I'm on the computer right now, again. It's a great creative space, and everything's at our finger tips, even chatting. So many things we can do plugged in, and so many things we avoid doing while plugged in, like giving full presence to whatever or whoever is around us. I spend a little too much time here these days, and so will experiment with less is more. I'm off to paint en plein air, and going to try giving myself designated device time for awhile to see what I can create with the time I free up. 

What might you create with less time on devices? Maybe give unplugging a whirl, and see what you can use the saved time for. 

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