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Create Positive Change

All of nature is diverse. How boring life would be if we were all exactly alike, with equal capabilities, looking and doing the same as everyone else. Despite outer appearances, we're all much more the same than different, with similar physical and emotional needs, and deserving fair, humane treatment while we pursue creating our happiest lives for the short time we're here. 

How do we create a more just society, where all people have equal access to the basic necessities of life, where laws and enforcement are fair and applied equally to everyone, and where marginalized people get the help they need? Creating positive societal change begins with each of us. We can look deeply within and find the places where we fear or ignore "other," where we don't understand or support one another, and where we numb from difficult emotions and situations. Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses, unique experiences, and points of view informs how we think, speak, and act. We can all ask, "How can I stand up for and contribute to creating a fair and just society?" We can celebrate our diversity and use our creativity to help lift, heal, and unite people.

How do you best use your talents and uniqueness to create positive change?  

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