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Create Nourishment

As I checked on my little vegetable garden today, it felt good knowing I'm growing healthy food to feed myself and my husband. (He might argue he's growing it for me... whatever). 

And I started thinking on nourishment and what it means. It's more than just food and clean water. Once we have our basic physical needs met, we need to feed our minds and hearts as well. When we do, we can nurture our best selves, feeding our imaginations, learning, feeling authentic and whole, engaged and in sync. We nourish ourselves whenever we practice healthy habits, consuming wholesome media, questioning deeply, understanding one another's points of view, immersing in nature, seeing beauty around us, and staying positive. And of course, creating and making art. 

Feeding ourselves also means having the means to feed ourselves. Choosing to work, even if it's not an ideal job or nourishing in itself, allows us to earn, to have choices, and to meet our physical needs. Supporting ourselves, we can continue moving towards nurturing and aligning our entire being. 

One person's nourishment might not work as well for another, but we can each create and follow what feeds us today, what serves us for the future, what lifts us up, and what helps us create healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. I hope you have a nourishing day, whatever that looks like for you!

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