Helping You Create Your Best At Home, At Work, and in Life


Create Nurturing

Raising others means creating a nurturing environment that fosters growth, health, well-being, and learning. It's continually lifting them, from where they are to somewhere higher. It's helping them become their best, most competent, confident, and whole person, who grows to contribute and to nourish themselves and others. 

Whenever we make healthy choices and feed and lift ourselves in positive ways, it sets an example to help raise our children and those around us. Choosing to consume wisely, prioritizing what's most important like health and relationships, always being curious and present, speaking in ways you like to be spoken to, being kind and compassionate, practicing patience and discipline, these are more ways of lifting yourself and those who watch you. 

How do you create nourishment for yourself and others? 


Create Positive Change

All of nature is diverse. How boring life would be if we were all exactly alike, with equal capabilities, looking and doing the same as everyone else. Despite outer appearances, we're all much more the same than different, with similar physical and emotional needs, and deserving fair, humane treatment while we pursue creating our happiest lives for the short time we're here. 

How do we create a more just society, where all people have equal access to the basic necessities of life, where laws and enforcement are fair and applied equally to everyone, and where marginalized people get the help they need? Creating positive societal change begins with each of us. We can look deeply within and find the places where we fear or ignore "other," where we don't understand or support one another, and where we numb from difficult emotions and situations. Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses, unique experiences, and points of view informs how we think, speak, and act. We can all ask, "How can I stand up for and contribute to creating a fair and just society?" We can celebrate our diversity and use our creativity to help lift, heal, and unite people.

How do you best use your talents and uniqueness to create positive change?  


Create Nourishment

As I checked on my little vegetable garden today, it felt good knowing I'm growing healthy food to feed myself and my husband. (He might argue he's growing it for me... whatever). 

And I started thinking on nourishment and what it means. It's more than just food and clean water. Once we have our basic physical needs met, we need to feed our minds and hearts as well. When we do, we can nurture our best selves, feeding our imaginations, learning, feeling authentic and whole, engaged and in sync. We nourish ourselves whenever we practice healthy habits, consuming wholesome media, questioning deeply, understanding one another's points of view, immersing in nature, seeing beauty around us, and staying positive. And of course, creating and making art. 

Feeding ourselves also means having the means to feed ourselves. Choosing to work, even if it's not an ideal job or nourishing in itself, allows us to earn, to have choices, and to meet our physical needs. Supporting ourselves, we can continue moving towards nurturing and aligning our entire being. 

One person's nourishment might not work as well for another, but we can each create and follow what feeds us today, what serves us for the future, what lifts us up, and what helps us create healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. I hope you have a nourishing day, whatever that looks like for you!


Create Unplugged Time

Summer's almost officially here, and it's a great time to get outdoors, look up and see the sky in the day, and gaze at the stars at night. When I think of childhood summers, I recall spending almost every day outdoors all day long, playing, biking, swimming, and sitting on the beach reading or chatting with friends for hours.  

Speaking of chatting, I recently spoke on the phone to a 40-ish year old dear person, and at the end of the conversation, said, "It's been great chatting and catching up." She laughed, and said "We didn't chat," and corrected me, saying that chatting is done with our fingers and a keyboard on a device. Well, hmmm. Where on earth did the word chat come from? It used to mean talking to one another, and was invented long before computers! As I confirm with Google, I find it's origin is Middle English, from the 1550's, and is a shortening of chatter, or to "converse familiarly."

Yes, I'm on the computer right now, again. It's a great creative space, and everything's at our finger tips, even chatting. So many things we can do plugged in, and so many things we avoid doing while plugged in, like giving full presence to whatever or whoever is around us. I spend a little too much time here these days, and so will experiment with less is more. I'm off to paint en plein air, and going to try giving myself designated device time for awhile to see what I can create with the time I free up. 

What might you create with less time on devices? Maybe give unplugging a whirl, and see what you can use the saved time for. 


Snuggle to Boost Calm and Immunity

Us human beings have many innate needs. Not only do we need to be together, but it can be very healing to be touched and hugged. If you're fortunate to live with others or pets, spend time daily hugging, holding, and helping one another to feel supported and well. Simply holding hands, or giving a little back or foot rub also helps. It's good for you and for them.

Why? Beneath our skin is our fascia, a gel-like connective tissue that’s the largest organ in our body. The skin and fascia contain many nerve endings, so when we’re held or massaged it’s very calming to our nervous systems. Squeezes and massage can also help to keep our lymph moving, important for creating and maintaining a strong immune system.

No people or pets around? No worries, you can hug yourself, roll on foam rollers or do self-massage to work the fascia, relax the nervous system, and keep your lymphatic system healthy. 

As you create today, remember to create and practice habits and support for a healthy you. Be well!