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Use Less and Save More

In times when many of us, including me, have lost our paying gigs, and there's uncertainty as to what will happen next, is anyone else out there noticing how quickly you use the resources you need for daily life, whether it's food, or supplies, or spending, or other? And as we hear good news on how nature is healing a little while we're staying home, does it make you wonder about your personal environmental footprint? 

When we think of conserving, big things matter most. Stopping deforestation and planting trees is the number one thing to help reduce climate change and clean up the environment for the future, so it's important we vote for good leaders who support the Paris Agreement and other green initiatives. Not wasting water, turning off unused lights and devices, turning down the heat at night, using low energy LED lightbulbs, and buying only what we need are things most of us can do. But also we can conserve health, practicing prevention to stay well. And we can conserve wealth, time, and energy by some of the choices we make. 

We can all probably do a little better at conserving, not letting things go to waste and protecting against future shortage or harm, and using our energy to create our best live. Native cultures around the world were keenly aware of the need to preserve nature so it could support them, often making decisions by contemplating "How will this affect the 7th generation?" We can all question the impact of our choices with an eye on the future, and look for ways to reuse, recycle, repurpose and reduce to consciously conserve. 

With extra time home and socially distancing, it's become clear that what matters most to me is relationships and the people I love; and having a sustainable, free world for my grandchildren and theirs to live as stress-free as possible. While in time-out socially distancing, I'm questioning how I can most efficiently use my money, talents, resources, and life energy and be prepared for what the future may bring. As I journey from room to room and see my unfinished piles and projects, I keep questioning, what's most important and worthwhile for me to finish now and going forward? That's where I plan to focus and consciously use and conserve my creative energy.

As you create today, how might you use less to have more for the future? How can you carve out your space and time to create something that, even though temporary, may positively impact your life and others'?

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