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Make Magic

How do you make magic?

I'm in the process of making a little. For about 40 years, on again off again and mostly off, I've been trying/thinking/talking/stalling about making a children's picture book. Often I'd get an idea, begin with great heart, and then allow my saboteur to interfere, overthinking, over-editing, or listening to others' critiques over my own intuition. At the beginning of April, I had an idea and with great focus and passion I began. Within days, I presented it to my critique group, and felt mostly discouraged. I listened only to the useful parts of the feedback, and carried on, managing to prepare the manuscript and all the artwork in about 2 weeks. Yay me, I've finished my first kids' picture book! 

Because of the timely nature of the topic, I decided to bypass trying to find an agent, editor, and publisher and decided to indie publish, with help from a friend. For various reasons it's bounced back 3 times in the last couple of weeks for improper formatting. After watching some YouTube videos and much Google searching, I have fingers and toes crossed that today's submission will fly and hopefully I can share it soon. Till then, here's the cover reveal

I've had so many learnings from the process, and we'll see what happens next. My biggest advice if you're creating today: Decide what you're making and for who, why, and how, then, if it feels worthwhile and calls you, don't second guess, keep moving forward, focus, and do it. In this case, once I had the manuscript, I eliminated variables and decided what art materials I would use and how it would look. Then I stopped thinking/deciding except to sort out obstacles as they come up. What started as sketches almost effortlessly became a 32 page picture book in 2 weeks by sticking to one phase at a time, keeping my head and heart in sync on it, and not turning back. 

It might take years to create something, or weeks, or moments, depending on where you are and how you count. Just paint, or draw, or invent, or make, doing this step, and the next with great focus and enjoying the process. In time your practicing and exploring and intention will come together and you will create something magical. 

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