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Watch Nature Unfold

All of nature is about change, growth, and transformation. 

Spring is a great time to step outside and watch the changes unfolding around us. 
It's a time for hope; for wonder; for soaking in the beauty; for feeling grateful for the gifts nature offers us; for planting and patience; and for feeling connected to Earth, to all its life forms, and to all people around the planet. It's a reminder to take care of our home, Earth, because she takes care of us.

We are part of nature, and so we too change, grow, and transform. We come, we live, and we go. Connecting deeply to nature helps us feel our beauty and strength as well as our vulnerability. It helps us to feel, contemplate, and embrace life's mysteries. 

You can let nature offer her gentle healing to help you stay well, strong and hopeful. Maybe try sitting with a tree or examining some flowers today, or turn over a rock and watch some insects. Or just sit and breathe in some fresh air. Immerse yourself in nature's creativity, and let her inspire yours. 

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