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Feed Your Creative Journey

A big part of creating is exploring. Whether it's in the form of brainstorming, researching, experimenting, or studying other creatives' products, when we explore we fertilize our imaginations and enhance our techniques and creative abilities. 

Creative exploring is sort of like hunting. It takes patience, observation, and may take us down many trails. What comes along may be what we're hoping for or may be a surprise. If we stay open to what arises, we might find and hit our target, or we might capture something else that feeds our creative journey. 

When you look deeply, examine what you're doing, and dare to explore new ways, you can discover new things about the world, yourself, your capabilities, and your art. Set out today with a spirit of adventure, do something different, take some chances, reach beyond your routine, and see if you can enjoy expanding and surprising yourself. 

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