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Empower Your Thinking

Our thoughts create a good part of our experience. When we have positive, uplifting, optimistic thoughts we enjoy our journey much better than when we're thinking judgmentally, negatively, or anxiously. 

Scientists tell us that the average person has 70,000-90,000 thoughts per day. We only notice about 5% of these; and 95% of our thoughts are the same as we had yesterday. What if we could think some new thoughts to help us grow beyond where we are?

When we pause and notice our thoughts, just getting still and mindful to whatever is happening right now, we become more aware of how we think, and we can start to see our patterns. At first when we begin this sort of mindfulness practice, it can be uncomfortable, as we may feel the connection between our thoughts and emotions, and might not like what we observe. With practice, we can consciously change our habits and think in ways more conducive to creating contentment and well-being in our lives.

Here's to some happy, peaceful thoughts for you today. Maybe take a few mindfulness breaks and just watch your thoughts. If you find any that are causing anxiety, anger, sadness, or fear, try thinking a grateful or happy thought about yourself or someone else, on purpose, and feel how that lifts your energy. If you find thoughts of self-doubt, shift your self-talk to "I can;" or, if you can't yet, rather than thinking "I can't," shift your mindset to "I can't yet" and then take steps towards learning what's needed so you can. This way you'll empower your thinking, you'll probably create more peace within and around yourself, and you just might gain confidence and enjoyment in all you create. 

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