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Empower Your Thinking

Our thoughts create a good part of our experience. When we have positive, uplifting, optimistic thoughts we enjoy our journey much better than when we're thinking judgmentally, negatively, or anxiously. 

Scientists tell us that the average person has 70,000-90,000 thoughts per day. We only notice about 5% of these; and 95% of our thoughts are the same as we had yesterday. What if we could think some new thoughts to help us grow beyond where we are?

When we pause and notice our thoughts, just getting still and mindful to whatever is happening right now, we become more aware of how we think, and we can start to see our patterns. At first when we begin this sort of mindfulness practice, it can be uncomfortable, as we may feel the connection between our thoughts and emotions, and might not like what we observe. With practice, we can consciously change our habits and think in ways more conducive to creating contentment and well-being in our lives.

Here's to some happy, peaceful thoughts for you today. Maybe take a few mindfulness breaks and just watch your thoughts. If you find any that are causing anxiety, anger, sadness, or fear, try thinking a grateful or happy thought about yourself or someone else, on purpose, and feel how that lifts your energy. If you find thoughts of self-doubt, shift your self-talk to "I can;" or, if you can't yet, rather than thinking "I can't," shift your mindset to "I can't yet" and then take steps towards learning what's needed so you can. This way you'll empower your thinking, you'll probably create more peace within and around yourself, and you just might gain confidence and enjoyment in all you create. 


Watch Nature Unfold

All of nature is about change, growth, and transformation. 

Spring is a great time to step outside and watch the changes unfolding around us. 
It's a time for hope; for wonder; for soaking in the beauty; for feeling grateful for the gifts nature offers us; for planting and patience; and for feeling connected to Earth, to all its life forms, and to all people around the planet. It's a reminder to take care of our home, Earth, because she takes care of us.

We are part of nature, and so we too change, grow, and transform. We come, we live, and we go. Connecting deeply to nature helps us feel our beauty and strength as well as our vulnerability. It helps us to feel, contemplate, and embrace life's mysteries. 

You can let nature offer her gentle healing to help you stay well, strong and hopeful. Maybe try sitting with a tree or examining some flowers today, or turn over a rock and watch some insects. Or just sit and breathe in some fresh air. Immerse yourself in nature's creativity, and let her inspire yours. 


Be Light

We rely on creativity to meet the challenges of each day and in all our roles and relationships. It's creativity that helps us live purposeful, meaningful, beautiful lives. Our daily hustle can push away our creative impulse, and when we're stressed, we can feel down and disconnected from our creative intuition, or muse, or soul, or highest Self.

During a time of crisis, it’s easy to get stuck in negative, fearful, and even fight/flight patterns. Yet, it’s also a time to rise and use your talents and strengths in ways you may not have imagined you could. By believing in possibilities and inviting in space for what’s next, we can feel more calm and optimistic, and this is fertile ground for our imaginations to sprout and grow our creative seeds.

When pessimism, anxiety, doubt, or fear keep you from creating, you can try practicing yoga, meditation, breathing, singing, dancing, drumming, or anything that calms your revved up nervous system. Making breathing space in our minds, hearts and bodies, we can then better shift from dark and stuck places to feeling lighter and more spacious. Suddenly, the muse may reappear and ideas and solutions to our problems often spontaneously pop in. 

Look how furloughed workers are turning their energy to making face-masks from everything from old bandanas to bras; companies are switching gears to make much needed medical equipment; nurses are suggesting ways to hook two patients to breathing machines designed for one; doctors and scientists are exploring new virus remedies and vaccines; yoga teachers and spiritual leaders are finding ways to lift and support their communities remotely; children are learning from home and teachers are using technology to reach them; artists of all genres are sharing what they can; delivery services are finding ways to get us what we need; neighbors are supporting and connecting using social distancing; moms are throwing virtual birthday parties… and the list goes on.

So stay hopeful and look from and on the bright side. Remember to make space for your light to shine in so you can create from your best and lightest place. Create and be light today. 


Feed Your Creative Journey

A big part of creating is exploring. Whether it's in the form of brainstorming, researching, experimenting, or studying other creatives' products, when we explore we fertilize our imaginations and enhance our techniques and creative abilities. 

Creative exploring is sort of like hunting. It takes patience, observation, and may take us down many trails. What comes along may be what we're hoping for or may be a surprise. If we stay open to what arises, we might find and hit our target, or we might capture something else that feeds our creative journey. 

When you look deeply, examine what you're doing, and dare to explore new ways, you can discover new things about the world, yourself, your capabilities, and your art. Set out today with a spirit of adventure, do something different, take some chances, reach beyond your routine, and see if you can enjoy expanding and surprising yourself.