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Keep Moving

Sometimes we zip along, other times not. Do you ever feel like you're crawling along and not getting much of anywhere? Maybe your creative endeavors have stalled to a near stand still? And where are you going, anyway? 

Exercise is movement to engage in life. We flex and extend our approximately 640 skeletal muscles to move our bodies so we can do what we want and to take us wherever we go. (We also have involuntary smooth and cardiac muscles). Our Western culture teaches a vigorous, fast forward, "no pain/no gain" type of movement ethic, whether in the gym, the office, at home, learning, and wherever. Eastern cultures promote exercise more conducive to living a long, healthy life, with emphasis on syncing breath and movement, and in ways to bring ease instead of pain. 

As long as we're moving directionally and intentionally, we continue to stay engaged in life and can grow creatively. When things are moving slowly, trying to force or speed them often backfires. Sometimes you need to pause and clarify goals, then you can keep moving along and creating as you can. Even if it feels at times like slow motion, remember incremental movement adds up, and that's what will take you places. Move along now, and exercise to engage in life and to create your heart's desire.  

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