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Cross the Threshold

My brother-in-law is suffering with ALS, which is slowly damaging his nerves and taking away his abilities. A talker and storyteller who loved to share advice, he's only now able to communicate with great difficulty. When I visited recently, he had his computer out so I could read what he was writing: "A goal without a plan is just a dream;" his point, that without a plan, we're not going to arrive at our goals or succeed in life.

Once we decide what our creative focus is, we may have a specific plan and process to implement it. We can set the goal, plan, make the time, begin, and then enjoy seeing our creation unfold, just like Joe always encouraged.

The creative process can't always be planned out. Sometimes we might not have a clue as to whether our concept is even feasible. In this case, we need to dream first, with a loose exploratory idea of how or if we can proceed. We make our goal, imagine, take an experimental step, let that inform us, then take another step. We can enjoy the process, with each little step like a new threshold we cross, guiding us to our next. This way we make little plans, and in time they just might bring us to our goal.

So take your best step forward, enjoy your creative journey, and let each step guide your plan.

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