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Be Well and Hang On

I've several pre-scheduled Tuesday posts, so today I'm writing an extra post to reflect what's currently happening. COVID19 is a game changer leading to great uncertainty, insecurity, fear, and disruption, as well as pain and suffering for many. It's easy to fall into despair feeling powerless. And it's true, there's a lot of this that's just unknown and out of our control Here are a few things you can do to help create some peace, strength, and resiliency within this chaos: 

1. Wash your hands often, with soap or antibacterial soap and hot water, especially each time you're in contact with people, stores, or packages. 

2. Practice social distancing to help slow the spread of this virus, and stay connected to family, friends, and neighbors by touching base often.

3. As much as it's available to you, eat nourishing foods and take your vitamins. Maybe plant a victory garden to share veggies and herbs with your family and neighbors this summer. Drink plenty of water and minimize things that weaken us, such as alcohol and smoking. 

4. Get some outdoor time, and immerse yourself in nature if possible, preferably in the morning each day.  Sit on the ground, hug trees, connect with the sun and the earth. This will boost your mood, your vitamin D levels, and optimize your melatonin to promote better sleep. 

5. Exercise and move your body. Do yoga, take walks, bike, run, or anything else you enjoy. Try some online classes to learn new ways to move and stay strong, flexible, and balanced.  

6. Take several breathing breaks during the day. You can just sit, watch your breath, feel and accept what you feel, and allow yourself to get still till towards finding your inner calm. Acknowledging our anger, sorrow, and fear can help us get through these difficult emotions.

7. Create and lift yourself. Take out those markers, crayons, yarn, fabric, wood, clay, or whatever media you have around. Make art or craft or catch up on cleaning and making your environment as beautiful as possible. Or, take out that musical instrument and let it sing. Sing out loud, play, pray, meditate, dance, nourish yourself with uplifting writings, and anything else that can bring you joy in this moment. Just create, and enjoy feeling the power of what you can make now.

8. Notice your thoughts. Acknowledge that COVID19 information can trigger us to a fight/flight/freeze nervous system response: If we live in this ramped up mode, we will create more anxiety in ourselves and those around us. As often as possible, shift negative, fearful thinking to purposely thinking happy, kind, grateful, and healing thoughts. 

9. If you're fortunate to live with other people or furry enlightened beings of one breed or another, take time to hug, talk, and be together, giving strength, hope, and support to each other. 

10. Stay tuned to the daily news, and watch more than one station to get a more complete view of what's happening. Limit the amount of time you spend on this to get a break from the anxiety it may produce.

11. Turn off all devices at least 2 hrs before bed, and get a great night's sleep.

12. Help as you can. Share your art, your talent, your time, your resources, and use your privilege and strengths to help the best you can.

Please hang in there, you are not alone. All of us around the world are in this together, and we'll all be touched by it in some way. Rather than moving in fear, we can connect and embrace our vulnerability and rise up to our highest humanity. Wishing lots of health, strength and peace to you and your loved ones.

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