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Aim Your Direction

Some creatives are specialists, focusing their life's energy in one area, and some are generalists, creating in various areas. To be creative, we need to finish; and to finish, we need to decide what we want to make, then focus, till we're done.

The Oxford online dictionary informs that focus is "the center of interest or activity," "the act of concentrating interest or activity on something," and "the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition." In yoga we learn to gaze our eyes in particular directions (drishti) when in different postures to help develop concentration and focus consciousnessAnd in neuroscience, we learn that the eyes are very connected to our vagus nerve, and can help us to heal from stress and PTSD, for instance, with methods such as EMDR or Brainspotting. Our gaze connects us to our nervous systems, to balancing, and also leads us to our target, such as in archery.

My neighbor is a piano teacher and concert pianist. It's what she does. She focuses on this, her one big thing. She practices daily, and knows what and why she's practicing. She creates music and pianists, and she's really good at it and loves it.

My biochemistry professor at Boston College spent his entire career exploring and understanding one enzyme, aspartate transcarbamylase, which is responsible for an early step in the production of pyrimidine rings that are used to build nucleotides in DNA and RNA. Through creative questioning, experiments, and learnings, he helped to advance understanding of this critical pathway for the medical community. Some of us might be bored working in such a single-pointed area for life, but Dr. K. was always enthusiastic and focused, knowing his goal and plugging on.

I'm a generalist with many interests ranging from science, health, and yoga to inventing, writing, painting and music. I've spread my creative energies in many directions, and the learnings from each area cross-fertilize one another. When too many creative projects are in progress, I lose focus and some get let go. What I keep focus on is what I progress and succeed on. The key is to decide the current point of interest, and then to keep sight on it till done.

To be more creative, choose your center of creative interest, then concentrate your gaze, interest, and activity on it and see how that goes. Enjoy your focus, and focus the most on what you enjoy and what will sustain you.

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