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The Blank Page

What is it about the blank page, or the new journal or lab notebook, the end of a project and the start of another, and even the new day? We know it's special, and might even be afraid to start lest we mess it up.

The blank page is a clearing that's like a great invitation, and each blank space opens to the next. There's never a perfect time, or a certain way, so once your intention and direction is set, have no fear see what's created just by starting.

Usually I outline, then paint, then add words, then sign my art. I chose to start with my signature on this one. Then the words. And then I thought, why not end it right here? Because I could draw a football, or a rugby tackle, or a corner with a paintbrush coming in, or another blank page on this one, or a splatter, or a squiggle, or a question mark, or something else. But, it's signed already, so I imagine this as a picture of possibility. And that's what each beginning creation is– an idea; an inspiration; a potential. It's not determined till it's begun and then declared done.

We can have a plan to follow; or we can take several steps in various directions to test our ideas and then decide how to proceed; or we can just dive in, watch, add something to it, and let intuition and creative zest propel us forward. Before you know it, nothing becomes something. Not satisfied with the result? No worries, apply the learnings to your next new beginning.

When faced with the blank page, set an intention, then take your first best steps to tackle it. And as always, enjoy creating today. 

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