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I often wonder what it would be like to fly like an eagle. The take off must be such a moment of surrender and intention, flinging oneself into the air with outstretched wings, catching the wind and then off we go.

Creative take-offs can be scary and exhilarating, sort of like flying off to a new place. After the initial travel anxiety– Will I wake with my alarm? Will there be traffic to the airport? Will my flight be on time? Will I have a comfortable seat?– most of us can board, stash our stuff, and settle in, hoping for a smooth flight. Once we take off, we look forward to arriving and what's next. We might not exactly know what the next airport will be like or what the trip will bring, but we usually get to where we're going, whether the plane's early, on time, or late.

During the first stages of creating we move forward on lift and momentum, hoping to arrive at a timely and smooth landing. Propelling ourselves in a creative direction, we can ride the initial curiosity and excitement about the possibilities. Once we embark, the longer we can stay enthusiastic about our project, whatever it is, we can keep bringing our highest energy to it. Though the creative process always involves unknowns and risks, we take our best stab at getting where we aim and on time.

If you're starting something new, enjoy the take off and see where it brings you. If you're steeped in something requiring a creative twist, know that even if you're feeling like your flight's been delayed, rerouted, or hijacked, you can find a new point to take off from.

Launch yourself in a creative direction, relaunch daily, and redirect as needed. Enjoy today’s journey.

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