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Ask "Why?

  2. There's so much to be surprised about and admire in our world, especially when we're met with new, unexpected, beautiful, surprising, or inexplicable things, people, or events. There's also lots to wonder about when we encounter things we fear, object to, and are unjust. 
  3. As children, we constantly looked around and asked "Why?". Rather than becoming complacent, it's important to stay connected to our childlike wonder, be curious, and question often, keeping judgement at bay. This helps us sensitively inform our creative decisions. Take time to notice, admire, and be inspired by what came before us and the marvels of nature. Allow opportunities for betterment to motivate you to further action.

  4. We can always look a little deeper and with fresh eyes at what's around us and deepen our perspective and understanding. Question often, asking "What's working well and what 's not?" in your habits and practices. Wonder often, "What can I do differently, or how can I contribute to make this better or be the change I want to see?" Then keep applying your talents and creativity. 

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