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Create Self Improvement

The Mexican axolotl, on the brink of extinction, can miraculously regenerate and heal itself as it injures or loses body parts. Though we humans can't usually regrow lost limbs and parts, we can often create a great deal of healing within ourselves and change the parts we want to improve. When we learn where we're stuck in our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can work to expand and find growth from the inside out, becoming healthier, kinder, more patient, or anything else we work towards. We can begin to transform sluggish, stuck energy to vibrancy by thinking more positively, by noticing where we clench and tighten in our bodies, and by allowing for whatever emotions arise and feeling their messages fully. Simply and purposely taking some deep breaths; relaxing fully; moving in new ways; smiling; singing; dancing; reaching out a helping hand to others; or thinking a happier thought on purpose are all ways to begin healing and transformation towards creating your best and healthiest self. 

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