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Sail Away

Happy 2020.

I've been fiddling with how to share inspiration for creativity, mindful movement, and balanced well-being. And this little painting is prompting me to sail away with it and see where the wind blows.

I recently started making daily, Etegami-inspired, quick ink & watercolor paintings. With humble gratitude towards this Japanese craft and it's artists- a spontaneous and meditative art where they become one with their subject, sketch it directly and slowly in ink onto a postcard-sized paper, then paint it with watercolors, add a few thoughtful words in calligraphy, stamp it with their unique signature seal, and mail it to someone they're thinking of- I became curious and had to give it a whirl. After a few quick paintings, I was enamored with the process and hooked. I love the freedom to draw wobbly lines directly in ink, for things coming out not quite right and even sometimes wonky, as well as the occasional happy surprise result. Making art without overthinking or overworking is a way of abandoning striving and self-doubt, of looking deeply, of loosening up control, and of effortless creating without stressing over outcome. Because Etegami's intention is to connect and communicate with a friend, I'd like to share my quick paintings with you as visual inspirations for creativity that may spark positive thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I'll also write something about each picture to encourage further creativity, and will draw from years of practice and teaching of Yoga, Mindfulness, Art, and Music. These are all creative ways to empower feelings of strength, harmony, and well-being. Moving with presence and awareness of our breath, thoughts, and feelings, we create and move from the inside out, inviting positive imagination and uplifting energy to transform the blank sheet, to spin vibrating air into beautiful sounds, to create healing and stress release in our bodies. Inspired and with calmer nervous systems, we can focus our energies and unique set of talents and interests to better create and contribute within our families, communities, and organizations.

I hope you'll follow my blog and share it with anyone you think may appreciate some inspiration. And whatever you endeavor in this new year, may warm winds fill your sails.


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