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Everyone's Creative

Everyone can learn to be more creative. 

How to open to creativity? It begins with believing you can, practicing, and strengthening the connections between your left and right brain hemispheres. 

Notice what you think and say about your ability to come up with new ideas and to create. Repeating a simple and empowering mantra such as "I am creative" helps whenever you catch yourself thinking anything less. Affirmations like this can strengthen belief in yourself and encourage you to stick it and try new approaches, even when it gets challenging or seems to have no solution. 

All creative endeavors require practice and action. Opening up a consistent time for creating is important. Try approaching each practice without judgment, staying in the present moment. Continued learning, imitating masters, and networking with mentors can also inspire progress in practice. 

Our left-brain educated minds and stress to produce a desired outcome both interfere with accessing our right, more intuitive brain. Mindfulness practices like sitting quietly, attending to the breath, and breath-centered movement like yoga and chi gong can strengthen the corpus callossum. This is the thick fibrous band that connects the right and left cerebral cortex lobes and allows for communication between both brain hemispheres. With both sides of the brain connected, ideas and analysis combine more easily to fuel your creativity.

Today's a great day to create with open heart and mind. If you think you can't, you probably won't. If you think you can, you just might. So pick a time, keep at it, and take some breathing breaks

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