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Create Resiliency

Do you stay inflated and bounce when things go wrong, or do you deflate and get stopped? When we get down on ourselves, we project failure and doubt and it's hard to create anything from a "can't do" mindset. When we keep a growth mindset, instead we say "I can't do this... yet," or "I'll do better next time," and we keep at it. 

Resiliency, like everything else, grows stronger from practice. We can let mistakes, failures, and wrong turns keep us down, or we can bounce back and try again. The more things we try, the more we learn how much we can begin again, if not on this project, maybe on something better. 

If at first your creative efforts don't work out or feel a little bumpy, you can bounce back. It might not take you in the same direction as before. Who knows, it might even be better. 

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