Imagine it New

I'm heading to an illustration workshop this weekend, and we were assigned Erin Eitter Kono's "Caterina and the Perfect Party" to re-imagine and illustrate a scene. Because it's already in print, I decided to refrain from peeking at what was already done, not wanting to muddy my creative thinking or get pulled towards someone else's style. 

Time ran out, and here's the illustration I submitted for the exercise:

To do it again, I might shorten Caterina's torso to make her feel younger and more playful, and I might paint the entire scene more loosely. However, I like them as mockingbirds, and am pleased with Leo's inquisitive interest, Caterina's list making and worrying, and the way she dreams of her party, as well as the unscripted cat. 

Now I'm ready to get a copy of Kono's book to see how she imagined this scene, and I look forward to seeing how other illustrators tackled the assignment. 

Sometimes it's fun to imagine things in new ways. 
There are so many ways to portray similar things, and words can 
create a different picture and perception for each person.


Target Practice

Have you noticed that some people are fountains of ideas, while others are ultra focused on mostly one thing, whether their own or supporting someone else's idea? Those of us whose ideas come in gushes can have a hard time catching just one good one and making it happen. Each idea finished and executed uniquely can bring amazing results. 

Whether you're the type of person with daily thoughts of "I could do this..." or "Someone should invent that...." or whether you tend more to act on 1 idea at a time, the most important thing is to be acting on the one that you're most passionate about, with clear focus, aligned with your highest goal, until it's done. It's great to keep catching ideas for later, but once you've aimed, keep your eye steady on the target you've set. 
I've been away from blogging for awhile while focusing my creative energy in a new direction and towards expanding a fuzzy idea. I'm excited and look forward to further refining, enjoying, and completing this work. 
Each of your creative targets, focused on and executed well, 
can be a unique expression of you and your gift to the world.