De-clutter to Free-create

If you're anything like me, it could be your To-Do List gets longer and there's seemingly never enough time to create all that you'd like. I've recently started eliminating clutter to free up more time and space for what's most important. 

To chip away at it in focused spurts, I've begun with the attic, as it seems to be filled with stuff I don't need and can't even recall. The result so far after 1 hour of attic cleaning is I've freed up about a third of the space and thrown away many non-essentials that once seemed important, including things ranging from 8th grade swim-meet awards to patent plaques and mouse-nibbled sundries; I've gathered a burn pile of old bills and tax records (in pre-digital years we needed to keep these papers for 7 years; in my case, it's been closer to 37 years); And I've set aside a smaller interesting pile to look at more closely. These include my very first book that I wrote and "published" when I was about 9; a copy of my medical school application which made me sound ever so focused (when in fact I didn't even want to go and left after a year in good standing); and some notes from my grandmother and children. 

I've suffered a few side effects since my de-cluttering kick began. 
One is that I can't help but wonder why I kept all I did, 
and am very curious as to what other people keep. 
What sort of junk would come flying out of my 
neighbors' homes if all the roofs blew off?

Another side effect is that I feel re-energized and want to free more space for my current creative projects. Admittedly, filtering and clearing through years of keepsakes will be an ongoing process, but beginning is the first step. I've been asking, "Is this important? If so, why? And, do I need or want to keep this?" 

My big take away from looking at mementos accumulated along my weaving path is that all the little sidesteps were what have brought me to who and where I am. It's not the stuff we keep, but how we move along our path that helps us create our best today.

What can you let go of to make more space to focus your creative dreams?

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