Your Way

While driving west on I78 to visit my daughter recently, I had a close encounter with Vanadu. With a little searching, I learned that this pimped 1988 Ford Ecoline Van is an evolving assemblage of any number of odd parts, from moose antlers to religious icons. Clark Bedford, the artist owner, used the inspiration of a Maine cabin to begin creating this always changing art van. Though I didn't get a glimpse of him driving the van, I projected his artwork to form an image in my mind of an individual who is not afraid to do things his own way. One could argue the art quality of his Vanadu creation, but to me it's an awesome reminder that we don't need to lead cookie-cut lives.
The creative work of an individual certainly hints at the spirit of the artist. We can be inspired by others' work, but when we move in our own way, we become original and authentic. We don't need to be outlandish and step far outside of anyone's box. All we need to do is step into our own box, whatever that may be, and move from there. 

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